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Citizen Science

Europe has active and vibrant communities of citizen scientists and institutes. Citizen scientists are interested in astronomy, biology, environmental and social sciences while the research areas related to biodiversity monitoring are of the most active.
The EU BON Biodiversity Portal features a dedicated subsection for EU citizen science. Biodiversity researchers who seek collaboration with citizen scientists are encouraged to look here for information on a range of existing and online Citizen Science tools and Citizen Science data providers, find and learn about technologies for data mobilisation and get help with video tutorials on how to use specific tools. Examples of best practice cases from around the Europe can help to initiate your citizen science project and useful guidelines can be found on how to effectively run a citizen science project and yield quality data and public exposure.

EU BON has also published a report which reviews citizen science input in biodiversity observation domain and gives recommendations on how to effectively mobilise biodiversity data, using citizen science methods.
Report is available here: Summary report and strategy recommendations for EU citizen science gateway for biodiversity data

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ECSA General Assembly on 24-25 January in Vienna and Laxenburg

European Citizen Science Association will held its General Assembly on 24-25 January in Vienna and Laxenburg. ECSA working groups will also arrange workshop to tackle with specific...