The European Biodiversity Portal offers access to biodiversity observations and ecological data, statistics, and analyses of changes over time, along with tools for sharing or discovering data and products generated by scientific and analytical processes.

Use Case Topics

The EU BON tools, products and services support the following particular use case topics.  For the decision making and scientific assesment, biodiversity change can be measured and analysed at different levels. Data sharing is also supported, helping users to find solutions to gather and share their own data.

Essential Biodiversity Variables

Derived measurements required to study, report, and manage biodiversity change

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Citizen Science

Find guidelines, use cases and help to start a citizen science project

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Test sites

In situ application and results of EU BON tools, guidelines and products

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Model where maritime species are and where they may be in the future, as the foundation for plans to save species

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Flagship Products

Main products generated by the EU BON Consortium

Data mobilisation and curation with PlutoF

Create, manage, share, analyse and publish biology-related databases and projects

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GBIF Data and Metadata Registry

Ocurrence and sampling dataset at GBIF Data and Metadata Registry

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Relative observation trends

Explore whether relative observation trends for species within GBIF provide useful information for researchers

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Extended Darwin Core for sample data

Extension of an existing and widely used data standard so as to handle sample-based datasets and hence trends

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EU BON Taxonomic Backbone

The EU BON Taxonomic Backbone allows federated searches on multiple European checklists, returning a unified set of individual responses of various checklists

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Species Distribution Model Profiling

Spatially-explicit evaluation tool for species distribution. Helps to identify new monitoring sites that are most likely to increase the accuracy of predicted distributions

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Hybrid Species Distribution Models

Set of four hybrid species distribution models hat account for environmental heterogeneity and spatial aspects to increase the accuracy of predicting species distributions

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Diversity upscaling tools

Advanced methods to predict the number of species in a large area of interest from a limited number of fine-scale samples taken from within the area

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Population downscaling tools

Set of 10 models that predict the number of occupied sites at fine resolution from coarse-scale atlas data

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Hierarchical Random Forest Habitat classification

A habitat classification tool that accounts for the hierarchical structure of habitats

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Set of standards, guidelines, recommendations, workflows and tools designed to ease scholarly publishing of biodiversity-related data

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Alpha-adjusted Species Distribution Model

Model that accounts for the number of species a site can support and the suitability of each site to the focal species relatively to its suitability to other species

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Plazi TreatmentBank

Resource that stores and provides access to the taxonomic treatments, observation records, and data therein provided from taxonomic publications using, among other tools, GoldenGate

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GoldenGate Imagine

Allows semiautomatic, interactive extraction (text mining) of taxonomic treatments, scientific names, named entities, bibliographic references, and observation data from taxonomic publications

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Biodiversity Literature Repository

BLR is a Zenodo-community to share publications related to bio-systematics

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R virtual laboratory (R vLab)

Supports and integrated and optimized online R environment. vLab allows for a set of R functions to support large-scale computational and modelling activities

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Marine Ecological Modelling virtual laborator

Provides information on the ecological status of water bodies and decision-support for communicating lagoons and open sea

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How to share your metadata through the EU BON Portal

The EU BON Portal integrates biodiversity observation systems under one search facility. The portal offers a spatially, temporally, and taxonomically oriented user interface to locate...

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